Pleasure-Play: The Q-Tip Teaser


Here’s an easy sex game sure to make her squirm!

What you’ll need:

- A blindfold

- Q-Tips (the fluffier, the better!)

- A cup of ice water

- A cup of hot water (not too hot!)

- “Wet – original” water-based lubricant

- Oils of Love by the Kama Sutra Series

* Optional – a means of holding her down!!*

What to do:
After having gathered all the materials in an easily accessible way, securely blindfold your lady and have her lying on her back, legs spread apart.

    1. Take a clean Q-Tip and, starting with the lube first, swab all around her clitoris, including under the hood.  The swab’s tiny cotton fibers will be able to reach in all of those delicate and most sensitive places!
    2.  Alternate between the cold water, hot water, lube, and Oils of Love for a tantalizing and constantly surprising tease session. Remember, the Oils of Love can have a “tingling” effect when slightly blown upon (and it tastes delicious)!
    3. Mix it up! Add toys (or body parts!) for enhanced pleasure and different intervals.
    4. For the more daring among you, tie her down, if she’s willing. The feeling of helplessness while succumbing to pleasure can be intoxicating and make for earth-shattering orgasms!




Photo Credit: © Andreea Dobrescu |

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